Let me introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Adeline, and this is my first attempt making a website. My goal here is to practice various aspects of web creation by representing myself through (stylized) text, pictures, and links.

I am hoping to have a career in the field of UX design, but am just starting out. As an undergraduate I studied Natural Resources and Plant Science, because I am passionate about the environment and find both ecosystems and agricultural systems facinating. I haven't been as passionate about the common career paths for people with my background however, so I have decided to invest in pursuing something new. I am interested in psycology and love creative projects which has led me to be curious about UX design.

I grew up in a very small town about 20 miles outside of Boston. Recently I moved back to Carlisle in order to facilitate my career switch.

Childhood Now
Authors 1. J.K. Rowling 1. Trevor Noah
2. Gail Carson Levine 2. Bill Bryson
3. Barbara Park 3. Michael Pollan
4. Cornelia Funke 4. P.G. Wodehouse
T.V. Shows 1. Survivor 1. Silicon Valley
2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch 2. Schitt's Creek
3. Keeping up Appearances 3. Parks and Recreation
4. Mr. Bean 4. Gilmore Girls
Computer Games Podcasts
1. Sims 1. Crooked Media
2. Harry Potter 2. Armchair Expert
3. Putt Putt 3. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
4. Rollercoaster Tycoon 4. S-Town

My hobbies are constantly cycling, so this is a list of some activities I've enjoyed in the past couple of weeks, and some pictures I've taken: